Welcome to the Illinois EnviroFlash system!


When we breathe, we take in more than just air.  On some days, there may be elevated levels of air pollution, specifically ozone and particulate matter, which changes the outdoor air quality.


Just like the weather, our air quality is forecasted every day.  The daily air quaity is assigned a category with a corresponding color.  Also, there are actions we should take for each category. 


To view the Air Quality Index, click here.


Air Quality and Your Health


When there is more air pollution in the air, this puts all of us - especially the elderly, children, people with heart and lung disease and those who exercise outdoors - at risk.  But we can change that by taking actions to help improve air quality!


Take action now and start making a difference in your community.  The following is a list of some actions we can take at home to improve air quailty locally.


Take public transportation, carpool, walk or bike; drive fuel-efficient or hybrid vehicles.
When driving, try to plan trips in the evening, consolidate destinations and avoid idling.
Turn off and unplug electronics when they are not in use.

Adjust thermostats 2 degrees warmer in the summer and 2 degrees cooler in the winter.

Purchase ENERGY STAR-rated appliances and electronics.
Switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs.
Use environmentally friendly household products such as natural cleaners.